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Our environmental policy is closely linked to the Canon Group’s Environmental Charter. It reflects Canon’s business operations and environmental impact in Europe.

Corporate philosophy of Kyosei

Kyosei is our corporate philosophy. It is Japanese and involves “living and working for the prosperity of the world and the happiness of mankind”. All employees have concurred with our philosophy. Kyosei shapes our mission and values. It is central for the way we treat people and the way we operate our business.

Our environmental philosophy

In line with Kyosei, we pursue maximisation of resource efficiency and contribute to the creation of a society that practices sustainable development.

The fundamental principles for our environmental commitment

We seek to harmonise environmental and financial interests related to all business activities and offer products with lower environmental impact through innovative improvements in resource efficiency.

The fundamental principles for our environmental policy:

  • Establish and operate an environmental management system in order to improve our environmental performance
  • Raise the environmental awareness of our employees and encourage them to take initiatives in environmental protection at corporate as well as individual level
  • In purchasing resources, give priority to materials, parts production processes with lower environmental impact
  • Operate in accordance with environmental laws as well as upholding Canon Group environmental assurance agreements
  • Work actively to minimize waste, promote recycling, reduce energy consumption and avoid harmful emissions
  • Encourage responsible collection and recycling of our products at the end of their lifetime
  • Maintain close relationships with national and local governments and other stakeholders.
DataFlight's Environmental Policy
DataFlight's ISO 14001 Certificate

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