Choose from a wide selection of mobile and secure payment solutions, flexible enough to match your business size and growing potential. From simply processing a payment all the way to feeding data to your finance department and warehouse, our POS and Back Office System are designed to boost your sales processes.

The On Board Trader, POS solution for travel retail industry


Our flagship solution for the travel retail industry, the On Board Trader™ (OBT) is an integrated unit with built-in scanner, printer, magnet stripe reader and chip card reader plus optional RFID.

Ergonomic and robust, the On Board Trader™ is designed to perform even the most complex tasks under demanding circumstances with an easy and intuitive interface.

  • Communicates via WiFi, Bluetooth and WWAN
  • Large screen with backlight and high resolution
  • Magnet stripe reader and chip card reader
  • Built-in thermal printer, scanner and optional RFID
  • A large keyboard for easy and precise data input
  • Designed for intensive use in industrial environments
  • High-capacity battery ensures long uptime between battery changes.

Revenue optimisation for business


A powerful tool for analysing and optimizing the performance of a business as it automates and integrates features of on-board sales into inventory, financial and reporting to legacy systems.

The BBO is the key system that integrates the On Board Trader™ into accounts, warehouse, order management, suppliers or packing lists as well as individual services, financial institutions, card companies, authorities, crew payment and loyalty programs.

  • Feeds, computes, documents and monitors any element of the sales and warehouse processes.
  • Integrates sales activity into in-house and external IT systems.
  • It generates a full range of reports at any detailed level.
  • Choice of full system for maximum integration and functionality (BBO) or quick, limited version (BBO Lite)

Payment gateway server, PGS


A versatile and secure solution which, hosted at our servers, guarantees all credit card transactions are handled according to PCI standards from capture to the bank.

It handles the information exchange between credit card companies, banks and travel retailers. Our customers receive only the data needed for their financial system. And do not need to worry about PCI!

Terminal Management Dataflight Canon


A web-based system hosted in our servers that enables to control and consolidate the contents of all the On Board Trader™ terminals from the customer’s own website, independently of where the terminals are based.

The TMS enables users to block terminals and commission new ones, change time zones individually, update programs and drivers as well as retrieve log files and statistics for individual or groups of terminals.

  • Remotely access and manage all your On Board Trader™ terminals no matter where is their location
  • Retrieve updates, log files and other information directly from your own website at any time

Training CBT Handheld Terminal Canon


Customised intensive training

We offer a range of courses for customers running On Board Trader™ and the BBO systems. Thanks to our comprehensive in-house expertise, we can customise the courses to the specific needs and integration requirements of individual customers.

On-site train the trainer training

The On Board Trader™ train the trainer course is a hands-on training supported by easy to use training case and a concise reference guide. This one-day course covers all the relevant procedures for connection and setup as well as practical work with the On Board Trader™ terminal.

Computer-based training

This self-study course is aimed at new users or seasoned users needing a refresh to help them understand how to configure and operate the On Board Trader™ An ideal option to learn at your own pace and preferred location.

BBO and BBO Lite training for super users

Perfect for those employees who are required to integrate the On Board Trader™ and BBO into their company’s IT legacy systems. A 3-day course will endow the participant with the necessary competence to become a super user of our systems.



Enhance your sales and improve customer satisfaction with our online and PSAM-approved payment systems, providing you a secure and convenient way to handle credit card transactions on the go.

Dankort terminal


Integrate any business application into our EFT Windows-based standard software where no additional NETS approvals are required. The terminal can be operated in any environment with WiFi or WWAN and its performance is identical to that of a fixed POS terminal.

POS smart terminal, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS


Our customisable POS solution, alongside a standard GT-10 Dankort Terminal, connects to your existing IT system and swiftly integrates into your company’s operations via Bluetooth, WiFi or WWAN.

The system automates a wealth of manual tasks, so you can easily analyse and optimise your sales. Beside accepting credit card payment and printing receipts, the terminal smartly identifies your products, services and reports sales back to the financial and warehouse systems.

IFD, chip and PIN, creditcard


A complete, easy to install, mobile system for those businesses require immediate credit card collection and validation.

The system consists of a wireless GT-10 terminal connected to our payment gateway, where data is securely and instantly transmitted to the credit card company and your financial systems.


All our secure payment solutions can be connected to the Payment Gateway (PGS) and Terminal Management System (TMS) for enhanced security and control.