World’s leading provider of advanced in-flight POS and travel retail applications since 1986. Our solutions are designed to capture, process and report data operations to enhance sales efficiency.


Manage end-to-end process for an enhanced sales analysis. Check or report stock availability and pricing, process payments and feed information to your back office systems, all in a single and secure wireless process.


Fully integrated stock management, financial and reporting solution specially designed for busy on-board retail settings.

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Our online and PSAM-approved payment system provides a secure and convenient way to handle credit card transactions on the go.

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Underpinned by Canon’s renowned quality, our sturdy, powerful and versatile wireless handheld terminals and printers can be programmed to execute whatever tasks you want them to perform.

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Our prompt, reliable and friendly team works with you to ensure that both our terminals and systems are working properly and efficiently. Learn more about our range of software and hardware service agreements as well as training and hosting options.


Hardware Handheld Terminal POS

Designed to keep your business going and minimise any idle time between hardware and software repairs/updates.

  • A supply of terminals to replace those that might need repair
  • Annual subscription for repair and maintenance, including labour and parts. Training your staff to enable them to perform first line maintenance and supply of spare parts
  • Fast turnaround, terminals are returned no later than 5 working days after receipt
  • Spare parts guarantee for all products for a minimum of 7 years after Canon discontinues production of hardware


We offer a comprehensive training for all your employees or our most used Train the Trainer sessions. Our courses can be tailored to suit your specific needs and delivered by our selected team of experts as in-house or computer-based training.


POS Handheld terminal hosting security

We offer a consistent, secure and reliable cloud hosting so you can access the system and data at any time and at any place. Since you pay for what you use, you avoid the upfront costs of the traditional IT infrastructure while having the confidence your data is stored and securely managed.


Whether you are short of time or resources, we can assist running the overall project or be part of your team right from the implementation through the go-live.


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We have been the proud solution provider to recognised flag carriers, charters and low-cost airlines since 1986.

Our solutions are customised to meet the requirements of any fleet, whether it is a 2-aircraft carrier or with hundreds of airplanes.